I believe in love and capturing the beauty of it with flowers.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when a bride walks down the isle there is nothing more beautiful than the look in her eyes as she meets the gaze of her fiance. Truly the love of two people who belong together is the most beautiful, wonderful experience to witness.
Flowers complement the moment of love, they capture the personality and the heritage of a couple, a botanic representative of the coming together of two people. I love to find out about the reason flowers are chosen, was it a favourite flower that reminds you of home, was it the first flower he brought you as a gift is it a traditional flower of your country, or does it represent you personality, country wild flowers, wilderness foliage or bright sunflowers.
I have a huge range of experience and ideas I can contribute as I made up flowers for a ever changing style and trends that come with floristry. Beach themes,NZ native,woodland,vintage,traditional,heritage or the very popular at the moment rustic and bohemian luxe which is a combination of alternative and luxury or opulent styled themes.
As weddings are unique please contact me with your requirements.
All payments need to be paid before the pick up of flowers.
All payments are non-refundable. Any changes need to be made and confirmed a minimum of one month prior to wedding date.